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At Midwest Sleep & Wellness in Gurnee, IL, it is our goal to continuously provide excellent, comprehensive, and quality care. We combine wellness and aesthetics with medical practice. We offer laser treatments for wrinkle and fine lines, hair removal, pigmentation, and more. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients by providing high-quality, personalized care for all ages. We join the latest technologies with traditional medical techniques to give our patients the very best.

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Our Featured

Technologies and Services

Midwest Sleep & Wellness offers a wide range of treatments using the Harmony XL PRO technology by Alma. Our patients can enjoy a variety of effective treatments with minimal downtime. Learn more about how these nonsurgical treatments can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Laser Hair Removal

Harmony XL PRO

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light energy focused precisely on a target area to safely disable and stop the growth of hair follicles.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Harmony XL PRO

Laser skin resurfacing utilizes powerful pulses of energy to exfoliate the treatment area, removing dead and damaged skin cells one layer at a time.

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Laser Skin Tightening

Harmony XL PRO

Laser skin tightening directs heat energy to the deep layers of skin tissue to promote the production of collagen and produce youthful-looking results.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Harmony XL PRO

Laser tattoo removal employs powerful beams of light energy to create a photo acoustic shock wave, eliminating ink stored underneath the surface layer of skin.

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Meet Our

Providers & Team

Dr. Kagzi

Dr. Mohammad Waseem Kagzi is a board-certified physician and serves as medical director for Midwest Sleep & Wellness. Dr. Kagzi has been practicing sleep medicine for the past 18 years and delights in helping patients achieve restful sleep that enables them to live life to the fullest.

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Kristin Messinger, MSN, NPC

Kristin Messinger is a family nurse practitioner who has been providing care in a family practice setting for more than a decade. While Kristin enjoys all aspects of treating the family, she is especially passionate about preventive care, as well as aesthetic medicine. Schedule a consultation today to find out how Kristin can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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Our Team

The team of experts at Midwest Sleep & Wellness dedicates themselves to using their diverse skill sets in order to assist you in looking and feeling your best. To help achieve the results you seek, our staff works with each patient individually to organize a treatment plan that completely addresses their concerns. Each part of our team highly treasures the connections they have cultivated with the patients under their supervision.

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"Just a little over a Covid year ago Family Practice of Libertyville and Midwest Sleep Institute joined together. I am privileged to have been chosen to be office manager. Dr Kagzi welcomed Kristin Messinger and I during the beginning of what would become the Covid crisis. Our office and staff remained on site and providing care without pause. Dr Kagzi provided us with a safety protocol needed to continue to work and provide care in a safe environment for all. Our team worked diligently to make sure all our patients were provided with friendly, quality healthcare. We are very proud of our clinic. We will continue to work hard to provide each and every patient with exceptional care. Our team includes many familiar and a few new faces, we work extremely well together and look forward to the future! To all our patients, thank you for your patience during these trying times. Not only the stresses of the pandemic and the safety measures, but also for your understanding during our phone issues. Midwest Sleep Institute & Internal Medicine appreciate and care for each and every one you. We are truly blessed ! We wish everyone a very safe and happy summer!!"



"The staff at Midwest Sleep Institute are wonderful. My husband and I are both patients here. During my time as their patient, I've worked with Michelle, Erin, Jenny, Kristin, Dr. Wagner, and Dr. Kagzi--all who care deeply about their patients' health and well-being. I tend to ask a bunch of questions, but they have never made me feel rushed either in the office or on the phone. Dr. Kagzi took great care of me when I was hospitalized a couple of days in 2018. I normally see Kristin, PA, for my yearly physicals and general healthcare needs--she is warm, caring, and extremely intelligent. In late-March of 2020 (at the beginning of Covid-19), I had extreme hip/side pain and called the office. Kristin wasn't available so Dr. Wagner was my caretaker. After a long telemed visit that covered numerous possibilities and getting a prescription, Dr. Wagner called daily over the next 3 days to check on me. And this was over the weekend and during his days off! When was the last time a doctor took that much care, time, and interest in their patient's health? He was amazing. The doctors' support staff--Jenny, Erin, and Michelle--are nothing short of 100%. Just today Michelle returned my call promptly and eased my concerns. Thanks to everyone listed above for all you do and taking care of us!"



"Just finished my 5 weeks telerotation with Midwest sleep institute. I learned a lot about US clinical system, Electronic Media Record, and communication with patient. They are very helpful and I am happy to recommend them."



"It was very comfortable and infoemative. The Doctor has a very good beside manner. I would recommend Dr Kagzi"



"At 41 years old I've had different physicians in my time. Dr Kagzi is at the top of the list. He truly has a passion for his practice and care of others. He has gone the extra mile for me and my wife. We appreciate having him as our family physician and are very grateful. He has been there when needed, including helping with medications for international travel and or referrals. We will continue to as patients while we are living in Illinois. show more"



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